Renewals and Maintenance

Most technologies whether hardware, software or service subscriptions have annual renewals or maintenance to ensure your products are under support arrangements ensuring uptime and access to support, patches, fixes and updates when you need it.

On premise hardware and software need annual renewals to ensure that you have access to new releases of software, access to support, access to firmware releases for hardware without any additional costs when you have an issue to be resolved.

ICSL provides maintenance and renewals for all the technologies we sell you can count on us to reach out to you on and before your renewal dates.

Project Experience

ICSL’s team has participated in major complex IT projects in the Caribbean. These include financial institution mergers, cabling design and implementation, new systems roll-outs of 1000+ desktop computers, multi-location wireless network design and installation, multi-location IP (Internet Protocol) telephony design and installation to name a few. The experience gained from these engagements has allowed us to create a solid methodology for these types of projects including rigorous time management controls.


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