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Providing managed and outsourcing services continuously in the Caribbean for the last decade.These services run the whole gamut from; on demand services, managed help desk, IT management, DBA’s, fractional CIO’s to project management.

Innovative has also developed propriety methodologies that ensure that our clients information systems get upgraded during our tenure as stewards of your IT ensuring that outsourcing does not result in a perpetuation of the status quo.

ICSL Model: Making Technology Easier

Born out of meetings held with the top 50 companies in Jamaica where
we had the opportunity to inspect and review their IT Infrastructure.


Our aim is to be flexible and easy to work with, you just call ICSL and explain either your IT objective or the problem you are experiencing.

Multi Vendor & Custom Solutions

In house resources to design, procure, implement and support the various technologies implemented whether on premise or in the cloud.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Problems that often require a return to first principles of design, troubleshooting and remediation. Repeatable outcomes are guaranteed.

Anywhere, Anytime & Any Device

Access your information systems anytime, anywhere and on any device. Design principles such as redundancy, replication and high availability.

Emerging Technologies

Our solutions are future proof and take advantage of the latest trends in the industry long before they become mainstream in the Caribbean.


Services organisation encompassing advisory, design, implementation, remediation, support, managed services and outsourcing.

Innovative Corporate Solutions Services

Advisory, design, implementation, remediation, support, managed services and outsourcing.

Project Management

Every project requires financial resources, technical resources, senior management sponsorship, definition, scope management, contingency management, and finally risk and failure management. The sum of all these parts from our perspective = “Project Management.”

IT Consultancy

Advisory and consulting services. We are guided by IT service management best practices, to help our clients to build and manage efficient, secure and scalable Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure.

IT Security

In today’s world where digital technologies and channels will increasingly be the way in which organisations interact with and transact business with their clients and customers IT Security becomes a critical pillar of a firms digital strategy.

Cloud Deployment & Migration

ICSL implemented its first cloud infrastructure solution back in 2013 and over the corresponding years has successfully delivered Cloud solutions on both Azure and AWS. Migrated over 1200 seats of office 365 inclusive off Exchange & Sharepoint Online.


Procurement team focused entirely on sourcing and shipping products efficiently. At Innovative every day we receive purchase orders from our clients for various product types and manufacturers and every day we fill these orders sourced from multiple vendors across the US.


Significant investment in acquiring, developing and retaining local resources to allow us to have the “on the ground resources” allowing us to implement and remediate advanced technologies and solutions with local resources at a fraction of the cost of foreign consultants.


Whether this is on demand services for smaller organisations that do not need full time dedicated IT resources or companies that want to augment their internal teams capabilities with outside help; on demand services, dedicated IT resources encompassing managed help desk.


A good support strategy begins with a solid design coupled with an implementation carried out by trained specialists. At Innovative we have been building stable Infrastructure for over twenty years and understand how important stable infrastructure is to the enterprise.

System Solutions

Organisational data is now considered many organizations most important asset. Unfortunately even with all of the advances in onsite and offsite backup solutions and replication and clustering technologies, individuals and organisations still experience data loss.


To provide meaningful information on Technology Solutions to our customers.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


Careers | sales@innovative.com.jm | 95 Dumbarton Avenue Kingston 10 Jamaica W.I. | 876-908-2179

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