“Our customers call us the ‘get it done’ team”


Innovative Corporate Solutions Ltd. (ICSL) is an ICT Infrastructure company, which means we help our clients to locate and apply the right infrastructure and digital technologies to solve their business problems.

We provide full backend ICT support for our clients in selecting, customizing, designing, installing, repairing, and deploying their information systems.

ICSL has maintained our reputation for detailed expertise and excellent service since 2003. Our robust team of seasoned professionals ensures the capacity needed to deliver to a client portfolio of leading companies that expect no less than the best.

Our team is powered by 65 vendor and industry certified staff members supported by over 20 subcontractors, and we emphasize a culture of continuous skills updates and certifications in order to ensure that our team stays on the cutting edge.


Innovative Corporate Solutions Co. Limited (ICSL) is an ICT solutions company registered in Jamaica. The business, which began its operations under the name Innovative Systems in 1987 was formed by a group of entrepreneurs with decades of experience. With the aim of providing IT solutions to Corporate Jamaica, in 2003 the Technical Services and Corporate Sales Departments of the original company were consolidated to create ICSL.

The company has achieved astounding growth and success over the last decade From a startup staff complement of 18 the company now employs over 60 people. As of 2022, the company had tripled its YOY revenue.


Our clients trust that our level of commitment is as sound as a written contract. Our word is our bond, and we are committed to delivering exactly what we promise.

Our work ethic and focus on quality are at the core of our success. We have built a world-class technical services organization through strong partnerships with clients, solution providers, and our team members.

The brand stands on a reputation of excellence. We create custom multi-vendor solutions that integrate hardware, software and cloud services. At ICSL, we are dedicated to providing exceptional AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to our clients building on our decades of experience in IT infrastructure. Our clients trust that our level of commitment is as sound as a written contract. Our word is our bond, and we are committed to delivering exactly what we promise.


Meet the Executive
Neil Abrahams

Neil Abrahams

Chief Executive Officer

Neil brings over two decades of expertise in delivering services and managing projects in Jamaica. With twelve of those years dedicated to IT services, he has held several leadership positions, including Manager of Technical Services, Project Manager, COO/CFO, and CEO of a top Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure company in the Caribbean.

Bruce Jack

Bruce Jack

Director Corporate Sales & Technical Solutions

Bruce brings over eight years of IT management experience to the table, with a proven track record of successful leadership in team environments. He has co-managed the service department of ICSL for three years, demonstrating his ability to effectively manage business development, recruitment, performance management, project oversight, and solution design.

Christopher Abrahams

Christopher Abrahams

General Manager

Christopher has extensive experience in business management, having led companies in Jamaica, Canada, and the Cayman Islands for over 40 years. He has a proven track record of transforming struggling enterprises into profitable entities, thanks to his ability to identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Leroy Bryan

Leroy Bryan

Technical Services Director Implementation and Administration

Leroy boasts seven years of expertise in management, acquired through co-managing the service department of ICSL. He has a proven track record in recruitment, performance management, overseeing project management, designing solutions, and implementing Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Automation technologies that leveraged Machine Learning and Automation Technology.


Our full time staff complement of over 65 staff, supported by over 20 subcontractors provide the scale to enhance our delivery capacity.

Resources are organised in four teams for focus, but with a project-based resourcing approach that allows us to scale resources as required and take on multiple projects simultaneously.

Project Team

Includes a project office with 3 full time dedicated project managers and approximately 15-20 technicians and architects split across multiple disciplines.

Outsourcing Team

Includes a dedicated Business Outsourcing Supervisor and approximately 21 technicians that provide support to our SLA clients whether this is in a dedicated or on demand capacity.

Break & Fix Team

includes a dedicated Help Desk Supervisor and approximately 6 technicians that provide support to our clients on demand as needed.

Consulting Team

with a Services Director with international experience and a team of specialist and highly experienced contractors.